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Rörsch & Partners, Miniature city and tourism project creators and planners

Our contact information:
Erik Rörsch & Partners, Minicitiist - Hazenboslaan 39 - 2343 SW Oegstgeest - The Netherlands

Tel mobile: + 31 6 24 24 22 2 whatsapp: +31 6 24 891 6414 skype:minicitiist

E-mail:  or

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Latest news from Latvia;

our partner Erik Rörsch received a reward from Aiaintis, the cooperation of 23 Greek cities.

See: Youtube-Aiantis

Model Production:

Model production for Miniature Cities, Museums and private people

Michel Dubois has been producing models for outdoor and indoor use for the past 35 years.
Our clients are miniature cities, private people and museums.
We can produce models in scales varying between 1:10 and 1:50 (metric), suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Just one of many many models made by Michel Dubois