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Rörsch & Partners, Miniature city and tourism project creators and planners

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Erik Rörsch & Partners, Minicitiist - Hazenboslaan 39 - 2343 SW Oegstgeest - The Netherlands

Tel mobile: + 31 6 24 24 22 2 whatsapp: +31 6 24 891 6414 skype:minicitiist

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Latest news from Latvia;

our partner Erik Rörsch received a reward from Aiaintis, the cooperation of 23 Greek cities.

See: Youtube-Aiantis

The Company:

The Company and it's partners:

Erik Rörsch, Minicitiist and Partners is first of all a designing and consultancy company for all kinds of tourism related projects. One of our specialities is Miniature Cities. We prepare feasibility studies, design and supervise projects of all kinds, as long as they are tourism related.

We cooperate closely with four other companies:
- Since 1982 we have worked closely with Swissminiatur sa. This is the Swiss miniature city, which is 50 years old and is located at the Lake of Lugano.
- Since 1993 we have worked very closely with Michel Dubois-Septier, one of the best modelmakers in Europe since 1978. He has a considerable international experience in all kinds of different models in many different scales and using different materials.
- For 1985 we have worked with the company of Christiaan Kruis. His company has over fifty years of international experience in designing of all kinds of projects. These include waterfronts to Zoos, World Fairs, small diorama's, landscaping and fantastic Miniature Cities.
- Since 2013 we are working together with EFTI- specialised in Tourism development plan making.
- Since many years we work together with Pieter Krant, now located in Hong Kong: 
   ACL Design. Architecture, City and Landscape Design.
- Since 2013 we work together with gfra-architects in Athens, Greece
- Since 2015 we work together with Alise Jacobsone in Riga.

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